WOW…is it hot today or what??

After the holiday weekend, we’ll have one week of calm before the new Poly kids move into town. The Week of Welcome is September 10th-14th with classes starting the following week.

Wow…114 price changes in the past day. So far in this month of June, there has been 828 price changes. In June 2005, we had 438 price changes for the ENTIRE month. I thought last month’s 1000+ price changes was pretty high but we may break 1500 this month.

I’m not trying to scare anyone. My goal with my website and blog is to provide you information to help you make the best decisions. You can make good decisions in both a Buyer’s or Seller’s market if you know what’s happening.

There are definitely types of properties and neighborhoods where home inventory and Days on Market (DoM) is increasing. A good agent will be ontop of market conditions and trends.

Wow. A still under construction 5,000 sq foot home in Cabrillo Estates of Los Osos price was just raised $400,000 to $4.3 Million. It’s been on the market for 60 days. Not sure why such a big price increase if it wasn’t selling at $3.9 Million. Usually after 60 days you try lowering the price to hopefully bring a Buyer.


A new 5 bedroom, 4 Bathroom with 3800 sq feet home in North Grover Beach came on the market today. 5,000 sq foot lot. Asking price…..$1.5 Million.