Takin’ the Train

I just got back from a Realtor conference in San Diego. I decided to take Amtrak (my first time taking it). In all, it was a great ride. Took 8 hours to get there. I figured that going through LA traffic would have added some driving time so it really wasn’t that much longer. Here are my newbie tips….

– The train stops in Grover Beach. I didn’t realize that (I thought GB wasn’t a stop). I got on at the SLO station.

– The train changes directions in LA. I saw all these people moving seats when we got in LA but didn’t know why until we took off again. So I went the last part of the trip sitting backwards.

– We were held up coming back because of a missle launch at Vandenburg. They usually post the schedule of launches on their website with time windows but I never thought of checking. We stopped in the middle of nowhere for over 30 minutes but got a great view of the launch.

– Business class has a AC power plug right next to the window seat which is great for a laptop.