Searching MLS Listings

I had a couple questions lately regarding my MLS Search FAQ where I state that my seaches have over 99% of the listings but not all of the properties in the MLS. The confusion is coming from other agents that advertise “Search ALL the MLS listings”. The fact is that my MLS searches have as many homes on it as any other MLS search service. Listing Agents have the option to not display a particular listing through MLS Searches on agents/brokers sites. They can also choose not to display it on Unless the homeowner knows enough to ask, their home may not be seen by Buyers searching on the Internet.

Our MLS Rules and Regulations do not allow for agents/brokers to say they search ALL the listings since that can’t ever be certain. Any advertisment that says something like “Search ALL Listings” is misleading. They are also is in violation of the MLS Regulation and subject to a fine.