New MLS Map Search Enhancment

You might have noticed the words “Email this Map” on the MLS map search. If you click on this, it will bring up a window where you can put in an email address. What is emailed is a link to the map that you are currently looking at with all the criteria you’ve defined (price, bedrooms, zoom level, type of property, etc.).

There are 2 uses for this. One is that you can email someone else the map so they can see the homes you are seeing too. You can also email it to yourself. This will give you the link which you can then click and save in your Favorites. Then, you can just choose this link when you want to view the map to see if there are any new homes that come on the market. Each time you draw the map, it will display the currently available homes. This will be a big time saver as you won’t need to spend time moving the map around and defining your criteria each time.

There are some other enhancements coming, including having new listings appear as a different color on the map. This should be a really cool addition and will post more info to my blog as I get more info from the vendor.