Need an Oil Change?

KCOY TV has this site called Central Coast Deals – – that has half-off certificates you can buy for local businesses. I’ve purchased a few over the past year+ and most have been a good deal. They just got in about 100 certificates for Jiffy Lube. They are $40 certificates for $20 (plus $1 to ship). I’ve used these before at the local Jiffy Lube with no problems.

I’ve tried some restaurant coupons but ran into one that I had to return so now I’m not so eager to try these again. The one I returned wasn’t really a half-off coupon like they are advertised (like “get a $40 certificate for $20”). The one I got was more of a “buy this and get something free” which I can get for free in coupon mailers. Maybe that was an exception as I’ve purchased other restaurant certificates and they’ve been the $40 for $20 type but it just hasn’t wanted me to try again as I can’t tell from their descriptions.

But…I do know that the Jiffy Lube certificate work so if you’re in need of an oil change, it’s a good deal. Don’t delay though, they have a limited number of certificates and I just bought two!