It boggles my mind when I see some of the stuff that goes on in the “Real Estate World”.

It was suggested to me yesterday by an another agent to “forge” a signature on a contract form to expedite a transaction. I would never think of forging a name, espectially when you’re talking about million dollar transactions.

I remember seeing this when I purchased one of my homes (and before I got into real estate). We were doing the final walkthrough and there was a form that needed to be signed by the Seller. The two agents huddled together and the Listing Agent turned around and signed the document for the Seller. While these weren’t loan documents or the main contract papers, I just can’t believe someone would do that and take the legal risk.

What’s also interesting is that it’s the agents that have been selling real estate for a long time that are the ones that I see trying to “cut corners”, rather than the newer agents.