Home Sales Rise (but not here)

I ran into a fellow Realtor the end of last week and the first thing they said was “did you hear that home sales are rising?”. I guess they had seen that headline in the paper or online but didn’t read the article. The National Association of Realtors released numbers showing that the number of home sales is higher than last year in every region but the West. You had to read the entire article to see the West numbers as it was at the bottom of the article.

You bet I would like to see that home sales are rising in our area too but that just isn’t the case yet. I wonder how many real estate agents contacted their clients in the past few days and mentioned that home sales were rising? Sad part is that some (most?) don’t spend time to know what is going on in the market and actually may believe this is fact here. The rest that know that statement is false but still tell their clients that deserve the used-car salesman label that some place on my profession. I don’t know about you all, but if I had a Realtor that I was counting on giving me advice and guidance for such a big purchase, I’d want someone that was telling me things based on facts, not telling me false things to try to push me to buy a home.

I did a check on how the local market is doing so far this month. We’re at 385 Pendings. Last month we ended with 516 so it looks like this month will be similar to last months unless something weird happens this last week of the month.

The table below shows what SLO County homes went Pending Sale so far this month.

Here’s the breakdown on what cities the Pendings for Homes are in for August (through a few mintues ago). Check out Paso!

Arroyo Grande – 16
Atascadero – 16
Cambria – 12
Cayucos – 1
Creston – 1
Cuyama – 1
Grover Beach – 6
Los Osos – 7
Morro Bay – 4
Nipomo – 10
Oceano – 2
Pismo Beach – 5
Paso Robles – 48
San Luis Obispo – 16
Santa Margarita – 1
Templeton – 5