Don’t use old real estate contract forms!

I’m amazed to see the old California Association of Realtor (CAR) forms still being used. These are the ones where you hand write all the information and hope you can still read what was written on the 2nd and 3rd copies. CAR discontinued providing these forms years ago and went to an electronic forms service called Winforms. Now when CAR makes any changes to a form or adds a new form, Realtors have immediate access to the new form. There are CAR lawyers that constantly review these forms to help keep buyers and sellers out of court.

I’m not sure why the old forms are still being used. The only two reasons I can think of are:
1) the agent doesn’t want to have to go back to their computer to fill out a form and then get the client to sign it, so they just use the ones they can write everything in on, or
2) the broker has a supply of the old forms they already paid for so they don’t want to throw them away.

When you are in a transcation, INSIST on using the most updated forms! It may keep you out of court or arbitration.