Display or Not Display (your address)…that is the question

Our MLS System now allows the Listing Agent to specify if the address of a listing gets displayed on public searches. A Listing Agent can also decide if the listing is displayed on Realtor.com, MLS Search sites, etc. All the other choices defaul to “Yes” but the Display Address question defaults to “No”. No surprise that I’m starting to see more homes displaying without their address.

I don’t really know the benefit to a homeowner to not have their address displayed. There may be some exceptions but I can’t think of any offhand. Since MLS Map searches are quickly becoming the way Buyers like to use to search for homes, not displaying the address will make the home not appear on the map. This seems like anti-marketing to me.

Most homeowners won’t know how the Listing Agent answered the questions unless they searched and didn’t find their home. Make sure that the Listing Agent tells you of any marketing tool they are going to exclude your home from! I think the “Display Address” question is being overlooked by most Listing Agents when they enter a listing and they are leaving it “No”.