Day Off Adventure in Santa Margarita

zip line 004 zip line 025My latest afternoon outing started when a client-turned-friend wanted some ideas of what to do out-of-doors in our scenic but slow paced county. So we looked around and decided to visit charming Santa Margarita and try the Santa Margarita Adventures Zip Line.  Now I have done the zip line before in the Sierra and thought this might not be quite as exciting as I was in the mood for…….but I was so wrong!  The obvious highlight was 5 thrilling back to back rides on the well-designed and very scenic zip lines.  More than one person in the group was terrified at first only to change their expressions to a very BIG smile after the first zip.  A plus was the bus ride out to the ranch abd frisky tour guide, Gary, who gave us an outline of the rich history of the small ranch town and ranch back to the 1700’s. He also shared the dedication of the current owners to minimize the impact of the ranch and AG on the native wildlife and ancient oaks…..bears and bobcats reside here as always. The vistas and solitude are truly extraordinary on this beautiful expanse of unspoiled country… not miss this for the perfect day of fun!