Feng Shui your Front Door

My Door-Keeper, Olive

A recent email from National Association of Realtors highlighted a blog about front door colors. The article referred the the door as the necktie of the home. It can be subtle, or make a huge statement. The question being, what does your door color say about you? At the end of the blog the author defined several colors like Blue, Green, Black, but not the most common – white. Intrigued, I “asked the google”. I soon learned that there is a lot of information on the psychology of color as it relates to the front door of your home. What I found most interesting was that many articles I came across related color to the overall feng shui of the home. Furthermore, color alone was not the key, the doors directional orientation and material are critical to ensuring balance and harmony in the home.

  • North facing should be wood and painted Blue, Black or White
  • Northeast facing should be wood and painted Orange, Purple, or Yellow
  • East facing should be wood and painted Green, Blue, or Turquoise
  • South facing should be wood and painted Red, Pink, or Purple
  • West facing doors can be made of metal or any other material than wood and painted Pink, Apricot, or Orange
  • Northwest facing doors can be made of any material and painted Gold, Silver, Yellow, or White

My door faces west, it’s made of wood, and in need of a fresh coat of green paint. I broke all the Yin and Yang guidelines but my door-keeper, Olive, and I still feel quite at peace.

From the perspective of an agent who opens a lot of doors to potential buyers, I find the following four points more important than color:

1. Keep your doorway well lit with a defined path leading to it.

2. Remove any obstructions that may be a trip hazard or distraction like kids toys, old broken pots, dead plants, etc.

3. Keep your door in good repair. Give it a power wash or a fresh coat of paint.

4. Be sure it’s in good working order. This means that the locks engage, the handles are functional and not loose, and that the door swings open and closed with ease.



Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

Spring has sprung, which means Real Estate Selling Season is here!!  This is a special time of year when buyers come out of the woodwork to buy houses- make sure that your’s is ready to make a great impression on them!  Here are some easy tips to get you started for a great sale:

  • Clean, Clean, Clean
  • If your interior needs paint, warm neutral colors will appeal to broadest audience (Try to avoid pinks, purples and bright blues).
  • Tidy up and refresh your yard
  • Depersonalize your kitchen and your walls (too much stuff in your kitchen and on your walls detracts from your home to buyers)
  • Most houses shouldn’t spend tons of money on remodeling before selling, usually some quick simple changes can give the “refreshed” look that is most important.

If you think you may need home staging help -Bids from us are free,  and you may be surprised that staging may cost far less that you had imagined.  Happy Home Selling!   Feel free to contact me directly with questions.

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

Happy Tuesday! Today I am going to share about the importance of properly preparing your house for sale in a tough market! I had the honor of staging a home recently, that sold in 3 hours! That’s right… 3 hours! Of course not every home is going to do that, but in this market its impressive when houses sell in 3 weeks! Here is what we focused on to make it look great!

  • Neutralizing past occupant’s style choices, like bright wallpaper, and choosing warm neutral paint tones instead.
  • Updating simple items like drawer pulls and faucet handles , seems small but can make all the difference.
  • Properly arranging furniture so that rooms maximize living space and show off the view.
  • Utilizing all the natural light possible, and lighting dark areas.
  • Giving every room a unique purpose. People don’t need 3 kids play rooms, showcase one as a formal dining room, or an exercise room, etc.

Happy Home Selling! It can be done in this market, but you need to pay attention to the details, if you want to sell quicker and for a good price in this market. – Shannon

If you have more questions or would like to contact me directly please email me at: shannon@LightBrightandAiry.com or visit my website: www.LightBrightandAiry.com

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

Staging tips for Tuesday!

  • Clean, clean, clean – I can’t say it enough! I had the pleasure of working an open house last week for a home that I had staged; Realtors and buyers alike, looked in every closet and cupboard! I was so thankful we had made sure it was all looking it’s best!
  • Give things purpose! If you have a room with no purpose, or a side yard, give them an identity, so buyers can see themselves enjoying the office, or exercise room, etc.
  • Eliminate red flags! Move-in ready means everything in this market, no one wants to buy a house for top dollar and then pay for repairs too!
  • Accentuate the strengths of your home! If you have a great view, make sure it is the focus! Your stuff should look great, but not so much so that it takes the focus off the house! The job of your stuff, while your home is on the market, is ONLY to showcase the house!

Good luck and happy home selling! – Shannon D’Acquisto

If you have more specific questions for me directly, please visit my website: http://www.lightbrightandairy.com/ or email me: shannon@LightBrightandAiry.com

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

Happy Groundhog Day! Apparently we have 6 more weeks of winter. Whether you believe that or not, here are some important staging tips for your ‘for sale’ home in these winter months.

  • Mind your weeds! Lots of winter rain brings lots of blooming weeds!
  • If at all possible hire a gardener through the tough-to-keep-up-with growing season.
  • Long hours of darkness and gray days, means turn on extra lights during showings.
  • Upgrade your light bulbs to put out more light during the winter months.
  • If you are repainting rooms, choose lighter neutral colors, especially during these dark months.

Happy Selling! – Shannon D’Acquisto

For more tips or to contact me directly: shannon@LightBrightandAiry.com or go to my website: www.LightBrightandAiry.com .

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

Hello Rain! Wow we have seen some wet weather over the past few days and I hear we have more in store. If you have a house for sale through this wet season here are some things to keep in mind, and to keep your home value at its best!

  • Turn on extra inside lights, this weather makes rooms extra dark.
  • Keep a clean dry mat at your door.
  • Ask visitors to remove their shoes if you have very light carpet – its a pain, but it shows buyers that you care about the home.
  • Keep your gutters and drains flowing properly – nothing spells disaster like a home that looks like it could flood.
  • Try to keep the moisture out and the house warm and dry to keep away musty winter smells that often make people think of mold (the 4 letter bad word of real estate).

Happy Home Selling! – Shannon

If you have more questions for me directly- please contact me directly or through my website: www.LightBrightandAiry.com or email: shannon@LightBrightandAiry.com

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

Happy Tuesday! I am back for my semi-monthly staging update. Today I want to share some “what not to do” things that I have seen too much of recently!

If you plan on selling in the next 5 years:

  • Don’t over remodel your home!
  • Don’t make your house fancier than every other house on your block!
  • If you are already upside down in your home equity, don’t start remodeling- unless you plan on staying for a VERY long time.
  • If you are going to remodel, seek the advice of several seasoned professionals before you start, so that you can get some sound advice and don’t just take the advice of salesmen and relatives!
  • Don’t take on more than you are certain that you can handle as a do-it-yourself project. (don’t get me wrong- you can save tons of money doing it yourself, but you can waste a lot of money doing it wrong too)!
  • Don’t over personalize your remodeling or landscaping choices- many things don’t get nearly the value gain compared to what they cost.

If you are staging to sell or remodeling to stay -try to make smart choices with broad appeal, so that they don’t need to be redone in 3 years.

Happy Staging! – Shannon D’Acquisto http://www.lightbrightandairy.com/ Home Staging

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

May is here! The central coast is beautiful and warm, the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping! Enough of the flowery talk, its time to get to business! Tips for the week:

  1. If you have wood paneling in your home, odds are its keeping your home from selling! You have two choices: paint it a warm neutral color, or replace it with dry wall (sometimes already underneath). Most buyers prefer the look of dry wall, but it can get much more expensive.
  2. If you have crazy outdated counter tops (like the ones with the gold swirls), you have a few options: replace, or refinish. Both can be good choices in the right room, but often neither one is truly cheap, so make sure that your potential gain is greater than your cost!
  3. If you have really strongly colored or stained carpet: you can try to decorate around these issues, but you may be better off covering* what you can with an area rug or replacing the carpet all together – sometimes it can be less expensive than you think, and more beneficial to the saleability of your home. (*if you are covering flaws or stains – make sure that you disclose to buyers that they are there, so that there are no surprises at the close of escrow).

Happy Home Selling! If you would like to contact me directly, please check out my website: http://www.lightbrightandairy.com/ or email me: shannon@LightBrightandAiry.com

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

The real estate market is starting to feel like it is moving in the right direction! We are starting to see that when houses look great and are priced right, buyers are making offers! Sometimes multiple buyers! That means at least for the moment – sellers can’t say: ‘the market is slow, why should I bother working hard to make my house look great?’ Now is the time to seize the moment! Spring is usually a good time to sell houses and this spring is looking to be no different! This goes to prove that if you use the right Realtor, stage your home effectively and market diligently, even in this tough market, your house should sell. My hot tips for the week are:

  1. Hire a great realtor – don’t be afraid to get a second opinion before you sign the contract.
  2. Stage your home for a broad audience – inside and out!
  3. Make sure that your home is being marketed in multiple ways: Internet, websites, magazines, newspaper, MLS, realtor caravans, craigslist – just to name a few. Ask your Realtor what kind of marketing they will provide!
  4. Get your house READY before anyone, even the Realtors walk through it- because you only get 1 chance to make a great first impression!
  5. Don’t miss the Spring market activity if at all possible!

Good luck and Happy Home Selling! To contact me direct please check my website http://www.lightbrightandairy.com/ or email me at: shannon@LightBrightandAiry.com

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

Spring has sprung on the Central Coast! This means 2 important things to the real estate market:

  1. The rains have watered and now the sun is shining on every weed seed in sight, get them under control before your house is hidden behind a mountain of weeds!
  2. SLO County is lush and beautiful, take advantage of this short opportunity when everything looks pretty and real estate buyers have renewed faith in their need for a new home!

Happy Home Selling! To contact me direct, please email questions of comments to: shannon@LightBrightandAiry.com or go to my website at: www.LightBrightandAiry.com