Yogurt Creations Evicted

I was walking by yogurt creations in arroyo grande when I noticed this on their door. Seems they were evicted yesterday.

Sorry to learn this. I haven’t been going to yogurt creations since COVID. They also had a cool app that would send you messages when your favorite flavors were available but that quit working way before COVID.

Not sure if other locations are closed.

Cheap Bleeps

I was reading a slo Facebook group I belong to and someone mentioned the Cheap Trills video arcade they had in their old location. This arcade is a great memory for me as my wife and I went there in 1982-83 when we were dating. She wasn’t into video games but liked the game Kangaroo, which cheap thrills had. Fast forward to today where I picked up 2 tokens from the owner of cheap thrills. He was soooo generous to give these to me.

Market Update

It felt like things were slowing down in August and the stats back this up. Pending Sales and New Listings both fell in August in most cities. But inventory didn’t grow much and is still at low levels.

Following are charts for Months of Inventory. It’s still a Seller’s market.