Could have Saved…

I calculated how much SLO County homeowners could have saved if Listing Brokerages charged a reasonable $9,900 flat fee for their listing service (sold homes Jan-Jun 9, 2021). (Single family homes sold over $500K, Total Solds = 1345). I assumed a 2.5% listing commission.

SLO County homeowners could have saved over $18 Million in commissions so far this year!!! ($18,093,957)

It’s no wonder why real estate brokerages want to keep the commissions based on a percentage of the sales price. In the majority of real estate transactions, the commission is split between multiple parties, most offering little to no assistance in selling the home. The commission pie must remain big if it’s being sliced up in so many pieces (listing agent, listing brokerage, franchise corporation, referral agent, lead generation company). Many listing agents (the ones doing the work to sell a home) end up with close the the same amount that we make with our $9,900 flat fee listing service.

We don’t split the commission you pay us with parties that aren’t directly working to sell your home! We also keep our overhead low and pass the savings along to you. This is how we can provide a full service at a fair price!! All real estate agents could offer a full service and price that we do if they wanted to save homeowners on commissions and put the most money in their pockets.