I Found Sweet Thai Basil!

I’m doing lots more cooking lately and found some recipes I want to try but they call for Thai Basil. This Basil is different than the Italian type found in supermarkets and farmers markets (which I really like!).

I searched yelp for an Asian market in SLO County and one came up in Pismo Beach. It’s name is De Bu and is on Price Street (the North end). I’ve driven by it 100’s of times but never have been in until this week. I visited De Bu at the beginning of the week and they said they have Thai Basil on Friday’s. So I went in to day and they HAD IT! I plan to make some Thai Fried Rice and Panang Chicken Curry tonite with it!

All this for $1.20!

Templeton Splash Days Sept 7-8th

Every year (for the past 13 years) there is a doggie event in Templeton called Splash Days. This is done at the end of the swim season at the Templeton Community Pool. They open the pools up for dogs to swim in! There’s the main pool and a wading pool. There are volunteers in the pool to help dogs that need it and they put 2 ramps at the end of the pool to help the dogs get in and out of the water. They also have squeaky bananas and other toys that you can throw in and get your dog to go get it.

I took my dog, Tahoe, here when he was a puppy. Although he’s a Golden Retriever, he was SCARED of the water. They put a floaty vest on him and a nice volunteer held him as he went around the pool (they put this great moment on KSBY news!). We brought him every year since and he swims around and LOVES it.

The swim sessions are 45 minutes and you can sign up on this website
https://www.parks4pups.org/splash-days-2019 The cost is $25 and it goes to the Vineyard Dog Park of Templeton.

Here’s a pic of Tahoe from a few years ago.

I Love the SLO Costco!

I’ve been going to Costco for as long as they’ve been open in the Bay Area, the Hayward store being my first visit (in the late 80’s?). My experiences going to Costco in the Bay Area, LA, Fresno, Sacramento, Seattle, (and the one on Maui) are that the lines are always long.

But I’ve had great visits on almost all my trips to the SLO Costco where a long line is 3 to 4 carts deep. Most of the time I walk up to the conveyor belt and start putting my stuff on it. I do try to avoid weekends but not for the long checkout lines. I don’t want to hassle with clogged aisles around the free sample tables.

A Costco just opened in China and they had to close early because of the first day crowds. No thanks…I’ll pass on going to the China Costco and stick to SLO (or Santa Maria). Santa Maria has longer lines (not bad) and I go there once in awhile as they have different stuff. Their store is new too and it’s a big improvement. Not only is it a bigger store but they have a gas station (the old one didn’t).

Cal Poly Fall Quarter

The next influx of SLO County residents happens beginning September 14th, which is move-in day for the dorms and incoming freshman. Plan on Target to be busy this day! Last year I remember a line on the southbound Los Osos Valley Rd exit ramp from 101.

The Fall Quarter starts on Thursday, September 19th. The Week of Welcome (WOW) starts on Sunday the 15th so expect to see groups of new students (probably in their group tshirts) in various places around SLO and the beach areas. Downtown Farmers Market should also be busy on Thursday.

I did WOW in 1978 and it was a great introduction to the area. This was before Farmers Market started but there was a scavenger hunt in downtown. Our group did the sewer tour, hot tubs, Port San Luis beach fire party, and other things.

Downtown SLO Retail Changes

More changes are happening in Downtown San Luis Obispo. Charles Shoes recently announced they are closing. They’ve been open since 1966!

A few doors down, Vans Shoes is starting their work on their store.

And…a few door down from Charles Shoes, Athleta had their Grand Opening last Sunday. Someone told me that Athleta is a Gap company which I didn’t know (Athleta opened where the Gap used to be).