Morro Bay Ready for the Summer Season!

(submitted by one of our North Coast agents)

On Wednesday, the two lifeguard stands just North of Morro Rock were brought out. It seems this is one sign of the beginning of the summer season. This beach is a favorite spot for surfers, dog walkers and beach goers. About a half mile further north down this beach, you will find the southern boundary for the Morro Strand State Park. At this point, dogs are no longer permitted and the protected snowy plover area begins.

New Listings, Foreclosure Reports Not Working

You may have noticed that the New Listings, REO, and Short Sale reports aren’t displaying any homes. I’ve identified the problem to my MLS changing the data file as of today by adding a field which messed up my database. I hope to have these fixed shortly.

Never a dull moment when working with computers. There’s always something that requires Tech Support!

But…you can use the New Listing, REO, and Short Sale searches in the MLS Search menu at the top left of each page. It’s the MLS Listing Reports that aren’t currently working but everything else is working fine!

That’s one nice thing about having multiple types of reports on my site from different vendors. Most other real estate websites have one MLS search and when it goes down, you can’t access anything. At least most of my outages have been limited to a single one of my vendor’s having a problem, not all 4 at once!

Light, Bright and Airy Home Staging Tips

Better late than never! Seems I was enjoying the weekend and forgot my Monday meeting with our Blog readers!

I am cautiously optimistic with our current real estate market. Houses that are staged, priced right and looking great are going pending quickly! This seems like a real change from this time last year! Here are some comments that I heard this morning from some great Realtors who came through one of my listings on realtor caravan open house today. This should give you, as a seller, some insight into what helps houses look and show great!

  • “The room looks so open and inviting”
  • “The house smells great!”
  • “Wow this seems like a lot of value for the money”
  • “These rooms are beautiful”
  • “Gosh, the bedrooms aren’t big, but they feel spacious”

Happy Selling!

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Remember the home in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where Cameron’s dads car goes crashing through the garage and into the woods?

It’s on the market for $2.3 Million.

See the listing here

Go to the second photo to see the garage.

Interesting to read this in the comments “Estate Sale Sold “As Is” No disclosures!”

Are you a Golfer?

If you’re a golfer, there’s a property coming on the market later this week in Paso Robles that you’ll want to take a look at. A single level, move-in ready condo that sits on a golf course. The best part is it will probably hit the market under $250K!!

Keep tuned to this blog for info the day it goes on the market. I’ll post the link to the property website with all the photos and info.

What a Way to Celebrate a Birthday

One member of the Keith Byrd Team decided to celebrate her birthday with something she’d never forget…by going skydiving!

Nancy T. went to the Lompoc Airport and had her event with a company called Skydive Santa Barbara. Here is how she described it:

“The feeling is like no other, and is difficult to put into words. But the experience and adrenaline rush of a lifetime, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is amazing. Free falling at 120 mph from 13,000 feet and not feeling as though you are falling is incredible (it is more of a floating feeling). The first second or two when you come out of the plane you are a little disoriented and then you level out, look down and see the ocean, land and realize you have never experienced anything like this before. I never had any fear, just total excitement and joy of the experience. It’s really cool when the parachute opens also, because then it becomes very quiet and you can really look around and easily converse with your tandem coach. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Free falling and looking at the land at 13,000 feet, puts a new perspective on previewing property!”

Way to go Nancy!!!