Ok, got to sleep in today and I’ve got the diet cokes in the fridge for later tonite. I’ll be updating all the market stats on the www.SloWatch.com site so we all can see how January shaped up. Should all be there for you when you check the site tomorrow morning.

I’m up late (as usual) and just heard the police are at Britney Spears home again (it’s after midnight) and the paparazzi are already there because they camp out every night.

Boy, being a celebrity has to be a drag since you can’t go anywhere without showing up on TMZ or the many other places that buy the paparazzi photos. There was a 17-year old girl with a video camera hounding the cheerleader from Heroes (Hayden P.) in the airport the other day.

It seems like the Central Coast would be a nice getaway for the LA Celebrities. There are so many places they could go and would probably go unnoticed. So…if any celebrities are reading this and want some ideas on where to stay and where to go to enjoy yourselves, just send me an email!

It isn’t a Buyers market everywhere in California. I talked to a Reatlor friend of mine in the Bay Area and he told me of his latest two experiences.

He presented an offer for a client on a $1.675 Million home in Campbell. They over bid at $1.751 Million. There were a total of 24 offers on the home and they didn’t even receive a call back on their offer.

The other one was in Saratoga. Seven days on the market and listed at $850K. He submitted an offer and is one of six. He hasn’t heard if his client is still in the running on this one.

A UK grocery store chain is making its way into California. Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market has already opened in the Los Angeles area and just announced 18 locations in the Bay Area. They are a smaller store with many exclusive items and from the reviews I’ve read from shoppers, they like the stores.

Safeway/Vons is looking to test a smaller store with a similar format. No word on if they will make their way to the Central Coast. Maybe Spencer’s should be looking at what they are doing and try to head them off at the pass (or county line)!

Help one of our Blog readers find his dog

Please be on the lookout for Max. He broke out of his home in Santa Maria during the storm last Saturday in the area near East Park Ave between Miller and Broadway.

If you have seen him, please let the owner know. They have a website with more info and photos here. www.helpfindmax.com

Oops…I was told that the latest Just Sold report was from 2007. I guess I’m not used to putting in 2008 yet!

I reran the report and uploaded it so if you click on it now, you’ll get the Sold info for the last 12 days.

There’s a new Bed & Breakfast that just opened in the heart of the wine country in Paso Robles. It’s called Villa Valdemosa, “A Romantic Bed and Breakfast Inn”.

Here’s the description from their web site:

Villa Valdemosa, the Central Coasts newest, ( and possibly the highest) Bed and Breakfast is now a reality, after nearly three years of planning and development. Situated at nearly 1200 ft. above sea level, and several hundred feet above the valley floor, the property offers visitors incredible 270 degree “see forever” views “From his many years traveling in France, the owner/developer has had a vision of a romantic country Inn and boutique, old world style winery ,and realized that this ten+ acre parcel located close to Paso Robles was ideal.

The following article is about a couple who are suing their Realtor claiming the agent did not give them neighborhood comparables and they ended up paying lots more for their home in San Diego than they should have.


If you read my blog and search the information on my website and www.SloWatch.com, you may wonder how anyone can not do their own homework but there are lots of Buyers and Sellers out there that trust their agent to do it for them. That was mistake #1!

The lawsuit defense is that the couple “simply didn’t do what is expected of a knowledgeable and sophisticated buyer, and are looking for someone other than themselves to take responsibility.”