Examples of Bad Marketing of a Home

It’s not hard to evaluate how a REALTOR markets a listing. If you’ve been looking for real estate, you’ve probably already seen many of the following:

1. Empty flyer box – You don’t want a Buyer to think your home isn’t on the market anymore, do you?

2. Reduced price handwritten on home flyer – If you need to reduce the price of your home, you want to make sure you don’t focus Buyers on that fact. New flyers should be printed and the old ones discarded/recycled.

3. Photos with garbage cans- Most garbage cans can be easily moved. So why would they be in a photo used to market a home for sale?

4. Photos with cars in the driveway – You’re probably not including your cars with the sale of your home so you don’t want them in the photo.

5. Lack of photos in the MLS – Ever search for a home and get the “Photo Not Available” or have only one or two photos to take a look at? Not good…

6. Black and white flyer – We’re not in the 1970’s anymore so there is no reason why a flyer should be in black and white, especially with the commissions that home owners are paying these days.

Congratulations to Arroyo Grande High School and Templeton High School. They both appeared in Newsweek’s Top Schools List. Out of over 26,000 high schools, Arroyo Grande came in at #582 and Templeton at #714.

If you’re looking to invest in Avila Beach, a property used as motel came on the market today. It’s a block from the beach and has a single family residence, a four-plex, and 6 studio cottages. Asking price is $3.5 Million.

Ok, this isn’t real estate or SLO related but I thought it was an interesting factoid.

The top 10 names for girls in 2005: Emily, Emma, Madison, Abigail, Olivia, Isabella, Hannah, Samantha, Ava and Ashley.

For boys: Jacob, Michael, Joshua, Matthew, Ethan, Andrew, Daniel, Anthony, Christopher and Joseph.

Real estate websites continue to grow

Traffic to national real estate sites monitored by Web research firm comScore Media Metrix increased 23 percent from April 2005 to April 2006.

SloCountyHomes.com has grown almost 65% over the same period (from 7,017 to 11,570 unique visitors). #10 on the comScore list was 2.2 Million visitors and that’s a national site with tons of national advertising. My 11,570 visitors has got to mean that SloCountyHomes is one of the most visited local REALTOR web sites.

Knowing that makes all the time and expense I put into my website worth it. I also get a tremendous amount of return visitors to SloCountyHomes.com which means I must be providing something you like!

Orchard Supply Hardware has it’s “we pay the sales tax” promotion this weekend (Saturday and Sunday). If you’re looking for something for the home or yard, you might want to pay Orchard a visit!

If you’ve driven Santa Rosa St in SLO lateley (towards Cuesta College), you’ve probably seen the construction going on at the corner of Highland Dr. There was a very informative article about the Bella Montana complex in the Mustang Daily (Poly’s student newspaper).

Here’s a link to the article (note to the Trib: hire this journalism student to write for your paper!)

According to the Newspaper Association of America, newspaper circulation continues to decline. The biggest decline over a 6 month period ending in March was the San Francisco Chronicle which lost 15.6% of its paid circulation. But, newspaper websites saw an increase in visitors, according to the NAA.

Central Coast MLS Statistics – April 2006 Residential
New Listings – 913
Price changes – 848
Contingent – 68
Back on Market – 244
Pending – 640
Solds – 552

MLS Search #1 has been Enhanced!

If you use my MLS Search #1 (from this page), you’ll notice that mapping of the homes has been added to the search results. I also configued it to show a “New” icon next to any listing that has been added or changed in the last 3 days. Unfortuantely, it doesn’t distinguish between New listings and modified listings so a “New” icon may display if the Listing Agent has done something like a price change or just added a photo.