Looks like the promise of water someday still has value. A 3500 sq foot lot came on the market in Cambria within the Marine Terrace subdivision. It has water meter position #555. Asking price is $315,000.

A 18,000 square foot parcel in downtown Pismo Beach beach just came on the market. There are 10 pier-and-post rental units currently on the property but the value being presented is in the land and a plan to build 20 condos on it. Asking $4 Million.

A 16-unit complex in Grover Beach just removed a contingent offer and it’s back active on the market. The complex went on the market in December and soon had the contigent offer on it. It has 16 2-bedroom townhomes in North Grover Beach. Projected annual income of $211,000. It’s listed at $2,750,000. If you’re looking for an investment, you might want to check this complex out.

I added some more mls map search choices to make it easier to search neighborhoods, multi-family properties, and million dollar homes. I also added Zillow to the page which is another Online Home Valuation Tool.

Here’s the page which you can use no matter what area you are searching on.


If you have any comments on this page or find anything that doesn’t work, drop me a note here if you don’t mind. Thx.

I wanted to give an update about my home value reports as I’ve emailed a lot of you that have tried but couldn’t find your property and told you to check here for updates.

The problem with data from the SLO County Assessor’s office still isn’t fixed. Unfortunately, the vendor that supplies me this service is severely lacking in customer service so I’m in the dark on when this problem is supposed to be resolved. Home valuations for properties outside of SLO County do work though.

I hope my next post about this subject is good news.

I received an email from an agent offering free nights at a hotel plus a 3% commission (rare around here these days) if I sold his listing in Santa Maria. The real estate market must be changing since I haven’t received one of these type of emails for a long time.

If you have teenager or preteens, make sure you read this article about myspace.com. I know of problems at one of our local Junior High schools because of myspace.

I have three teenage daughters. I only allow my two younger girls to have a private myspace.com page. This means that no one can access their site unless they are put on the approved list. I also have my own myspace.com page and have access to their sites so I can monitor them. I’ve been on the Internet too long to know you have to keep a watch on what your kids are doing on the net. There are too many creepy people out there that can hide behind a keyboard and monitor.