A tree in Pismo Beach was poisoned recently

One of the big trees in the city park as you go up to the Pismo Heights neighborhood has been poisoned and is dying. I guess the tree was blocking someone’s ocean view so they decided to kill a tree that’s been around longer than they have. How sad.

A 84,000 sq foot senior housing complex making progress in Arroyo Grande

I drove by the construction of the Cortina d” Arroyo Grande complex near Grand and Oak Park and it’s starting to look good. There are 107 one- and two-bedroom apartments that will ready for tenants in March.

You need to be 62 or older and have low to moderate income.

This is the website of the company.

Contruction begins on largest on-campus housing village in the country

Cal Poly is about to start clearing and grading 30 acres of land in Poly Canyon for its 2,700 bed student village. The first phase is targted to be completed in fall of 2008.

The complex includes two parking structures totaling 1,900 parking spaces, commercial ‘village’ areas with retail and food service space, and a recreation center with a swimming pool.

With about 3,500 students currently living on campus, the project will almost double that number, bringing the total number of students living on campus to 6,200.

This website is the official site for the project.

Read the Terms and Conditions before creating an account on a real estate website

I was looking at a website in the SF Bay Area tonite and it required a registration to sign up for the new listing notification and other services. I read the rather long Terms and Conditions and found this towards the end:

“Real Estate Services
Real Estate Clients. You represent that you have not entered into any agreement, such as a listing agreement or buyer broker agreement, with a real estate agent or agency other than an (brokerage name omitted) employee, agent or contractor.”

I have a different philosophy for SloCountyHomes.com. If you are currently working with another Realtor and you are getting information from SloCountyHomes.com, I figure it’s because you’re not getting the information you want from your current agent. My hope is that if you ever are in need of getting another Realtor to represent you, you’ll give a SloCountyHomes.com Realtor a chance to assist you!

More updates to SloCountyHomes.com!

I added the 4th quarter 2005 MLS statistics for cities. You can see the statistics by going to the home page and going to the real estate statistics section (the one with bubblegum alley as the background).

I also added more quick links for the MLS Map search on the home page. You can now click on the city to make it easier (and quicker) to display available properties.

What a gorgeous day on the Central Coast!

I went to downtown San Luis Obispo today for lunch and it must have been in the mid-70’s. Unbelieveable weather. How can you not have a great day when you live on the Central Coast?!

This photo was taken from the SLO Mission looking at Misson Plaza.

It boggles my mind when I see some of the stuff that goes on in the “Real Estate World”.

It was suggested to me yesterday by an another agent to “forge” a signature on a contract form to expedite a transaction. I would never think of forging a name, espectially when you’re talking about million dollar transactions.

I remember seeing this when I purchased one of my homes (and before I got into real estate). We were doing the final walkthrough and there was a form that needed to be signed by the Seller. The two agents huddled together and the Listing Agent turned around and signed the document for the Seller. While these weren’t loan documents or the main contract papers, I just can’t believe someone would do that and take the legal risk.

What’s also interesting is that it’s the agents that have been selling real estate for a long time that are the ones that I see trying to “cut corners”, rather than the newer agents.

The SLO County Airport Land Use Commission is preparing a disclosure that home Buyers must sign for the planned Tumbling Waters project on the corner of Orcutt and Broad St. that informs them of the potential airport noise.

Most real estate agents will disclose if you are buying a home near the airport but not really say what noise it can bring. There was a letter to the editor to the Trib a few months back from a resident of the San Luis Country Club complaining about the helicopter noise. Replies back to that letter had the theme “You knew you were buying close to an airport, so what did you expect? If you don’t like it, move to a place not near an airport”.

It is a good idea for potential home buyers to have disclosures on EVERYTHING known that can affect the property. There shouldn’t be any surprises!