Caltrans added 3 live cameras on 101 in Pismo. It’s kinda scary to think we need traffic cameras. The video is streaming a pretty good. If you want to stare at cars merging on the freeway, choose the 4th Street camera.

Here’s the link to the video. I had to save a file, then open that file to get the video to play.

Sales Tax Increases??

It looks like an increasing number of SLO County cities are wanting to raise the sales tax from 0.5 to 1 percent. Currently, it’s 7.25% which is one of the lowest in the state. Santa Maria is 7.75%. The city of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay have the greatest need of the additional revenue a tax increase would generate. Both had a $2 Million+ budget deficit. The only city with a surplus is Paso Robles which has over $2 Million.

You can find out what the sales tax is for any city in California by going to this site.

Chili’s may be coming to the Central Coast

Ok, so this may not be good news for some of you but my family likes Chili’s restaurants. So much, I’ve emailed the corporation multiple times to ask them to consider building a restaurant in SLO County. Well, it looks like my wish may become reality. Chili’s is looking at opening restaurants in SLO, Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande, and Santa Maria!

Web site hiccup…

The server where I host my website had what’s called a Denial of Service Attack today causing my web server to be unavailable for most of the day. My vendor says they’ve resolved the problems that the attack caused and things should be ok but wanted to mention this in case you get a “web server not respondng” message when trying to connect.

Fortune magazine dusted off their crystal ball and with the help of a couple research firms has forecasted the growth in the largest housing markets. Here is what they say about a few areas:

(area) (% growth 2006) (% growth 2007)
San Francisco +0.1% -2.9%
Baskerfield -0.8% -3.0%
Fresno -0.8% -2.8%
Los Angeles -1.6% -6.3%
San Jose -0.4% -3.9%
San Diego -3.4% -5.7%
Las Vegas -7.9% -5.0%
Honolulu +4.0% -1.0%
San Antonio +8.3% +7.0%

Full article is here

Looking for a business opportunity?? Among the businesses currently for sale are a Chinese Restaurant in SLO, a Fish and Chips in Grover Beach, a shipping store, a hamburger joint, and a yogurt shop. You can search for available Business Opportunites using our MLS Search #2 form.

I also added daily real estate news headlines at the very bottom of the home page. The left column is real estate industry news headlines and the right column is headlines for home buyers and sellers. Inman news, which provides the headlines, provides some worthwhile information so you might want to scan the headlines regularly to see if there is something that will assist you with your real estate endeavor.