If you happened to notice the ship sitting off the coast awhile back, it was checking the undersea cables using a remote controlled underwater vehicle. There are multiple cables that exit the United States via the Central Coast. One in Montana De Oro, owned by MCI, goes to New Zealand. A Sprint-owned cable also exiting by Montana De Oro goes to Japan. Grover Beach also has a cable…this one owned by Global Crossing and goes to Austrailia.

There’s a lot of Internet data and phone calls passing through the Central Coast!

Cypress Ridge got the go ahead to replace their clubhouse. In its place will be 61 rental units, a 200-seat restaurant, and conference center. They also have approved plans for 3 swimming pools and 4 tennis courts.

The rental units will be individually owned with full title. The owner can stay at the “lodge” but is restricted to how many days they can use it per peak golfing season. Cypress Ridge will manage the rentals and split the rental income with the owner.

Cypress Ridge is also hoping to get approval to add another 295 homes East of the existing development. The County would need to change the zoning before that could happen.

Anyone catch the “Bubble Burst” story on KSBY news tonite? If you did, here’s the main things you missed:

1) If you have been sitting on the fence the past few years and didn’t buy, you’re having to pay a lot more now for the same house.
2) One guy said that if interest rates go up, the bubble may burst.
3) Another guy said that prices could go down for a couple years, then go back up.
4) And another guy (it may have been the same as #3) said that what may happen is that prices stay flat for many years.

Anyone have a crystal ball that works??


A new 5 bedroom, 4 Bathroom with 3800 sq feet home in North Grover Beach came on the market today. 5,000 sq foot lot. Asking price…..$1.5 Million.

Craig’s List comes to SLO!

The popular Craig’s List now has a SLO section. It’s here: http://slo.craigslist.org/

If you don’t know about Craig’s List it’s an online Classifieds system. Check it out.