I was doing a market analysis today for a client of mine and it seems that listings for single family homes are staying on the market longer than they were a year ago. I did some research and found some pretty startling facts. On the Pismo Coast, for the month of January 2005, homes stayed on the market an average of 51 days versus 63 days in January 2004. And the sales price versus the listed price remained essentially the same for both years at 98.6%. It looks like the market is holding steady here on the Pismo Coast. Go Figure.

A home on the Bluffs overlooking Pirates Cove went on the market. Only $5.9 Million!

Seems like one of these homes comes available the beginning of each year. The price goes up between 1- 2 Millon a year! Don’t know if this is an indication that prices are going to take another jump this year. It could be viewed as a bargain. This home was first inputted to the MLS system at $55 Million, then changed.

The Central Coast MLS System is DOWN!

The MLS system that services the entire Central Coast (Santa Maria and SLO County) has been down since Sunday. No agent can enter or lookup properties. The MLS Search I have is one of the few systems that is up and running. The data should be current as of when the system went down.

(Note: The Central Coast is in the process of changing MLS Systems to a new vendor. This should happen in March. Is it just coincidence that our existing system decided to go down for multiple days with no estimate from the vendor when it will be back up??)

In 2004, there were 208 single family homes listed on the MLS for Pismo Beach. The lowest price (asking price) was $325,000 while the highest was $5.9M. The average was $907,000.

For San Luis Obispo, 660 homes were listed. Highest was $4.19M. The average was $641,650.

In Paso Robles, 984 homes were listed. Highest was $19.5M! Average was $491,410.