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You might have heard about a homeowner suing a Realtor in San Diego saying that they paid too much for the home. The couple claimed the agent rushed them to close the deal before they found out comparable sale prices for neighboring homes. The couple sued the agent for $150,000, the amount they said they overpayed.

It went to a Jury trial and they sided with the Realtor. This is what the jury foreman said:

“We felt that in any kind of purchase, especially one that big – and most of us have had our own situations we’d been through – the bottom line really stops with you,” jury forewoman Wendi Brick told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Whose final responsibility is to sign a contract? It’s yours.”

This is further proof that a Realtor needs to provide a site like if they want to offer full service to their clients. These days, a Realtor without a great website is a Realtor without a great service.

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