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Windows 7 Upgrade Tip

I thought I’d share a tip if you’re looking to upgrade to Windows 7.

My computer didn’t update from Vista like it was supposed to. If it did, I wouldn’t have to start a “clean” install and reload all my programs and data again. I think that it was probably because I have a lot of programs installed.

What I ended up doing was installing a second hard drive in my computer and installing Windows 7 on the new drive. When it boots, I can choose to boot Windows 7 or Windows Vista (from the existing drive). This allowed me to gradually install the applications when I needed them on Windows 7 and copy my data to the new drive as I’m able to access both drives when Windows 7 is running. When I get everything installed, I’ll just format the original drive and then have more space for videos, photos, etc. I’m still able to boot into Vista to run an application that I haven’t installed on Windows 7 yet.

Wish I knew about the dual-boot capability before I started as I would have done this from the get go rather than wasting a couple days trying to upgrade (but failing).

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile