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Why a Home is Not Showing on the MLS Map?

I’ve had this question asked twice this week so I thought I’d post the answer.

If a home does not show up on the MLS Map Search, it’s due to one of the following reasons:

1) The home no longer has an “active” status. When a home goes Pending Sale (escrow), sold, the listing expires, or the listing is cancelled, it will no longer show on the MLS Search Map.

2) The home is not listed in the MLS. Some agents will do what’s called an “office exclusive” which means only that Brokerage can sell the home. Other agents in other brokerages are not welcome. A home can only be listed on the MLS when the Listing Broker agrees to cooperate with other Brokerages in selling the home.

3) The Listing Agent chose to not include the listing on the Internet. There’s a check box when an agent enters a listing in the MLS to not have the listing appear on the Internet. Why some agents choose this, I have no clue. But it happens. Listing Agents can also choose to display the listing on the Internet but not include the address.

4) The system is having problems “geocoding” the address. Some homes in our area just don’t appear on maps, be it Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, or others. They may be new developments, private streets, or just something weird with the way the County has entered in the address. What the MLS Map Search system does is takes the address and finds the latitude/longitude so it knows where to put the little home icon on the map. If it’s unable to geocode the address, it doesn’t know where to put it!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile