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While on the topic of camera photos, below is a photo that shows how much of a shot you get with different wide angle lenses. The smallest outline is what you get with amateur digital cameras (actually most amateur cameras have an even smaller view!). There are a few pocket cameras that have a wider lens, but they only help a little bit.

To get the full room you need an ultra-wide angle lens on a digital SLR camera. The ultra-wide angle lenses aren’t cheap. My camera and lens cost me over $2400 but that’s what is needed if you are going to present a home well. If you’re paying a Listing Agent 2%+ commission to sell your home, why would you settle for amateur photography equipment to create the visuals for potential Buyers? When you hire someone else to perform a service (like an auto mechanic, doctor, or contractor), I’m sure you are expecting them to use the best tools to get the job done so why is this any different? I can understand if you’re paying 1% commission for limited service but don’t pay for a service you aren’t getting. With so many Buyers seeing a home on the Internet for the first time, you need a great photo for good “Web Appeal”. Photos have become one of the most important pieces of an agent’s Listing Service! I’ve heard a lot of people say that they’ve eliminated a home from their list based on what the photo(s) looked like.

You can click on the photo below to get a bigger display of it. This particular photo also shows another common problem with interior photography with the bright windows that look like a nuclear blast just happened outside. When I take interior photography, I take multiple photos of the same shot at different exposures and then merge them together in Photoshop to fix the nuke effect and not make a room look so dark too.

(p.s. The photo below shows len sizes at 35 mm equivalent. When you read a lens on a digital camera, it is not in 35 mm equivalent. Here’s a site that calculates the 35 mm equivalent for certain pocket cameras. For example, my Canon Digital Elph says 5.4 on the camera which is a 41 mm equivalent and even smaller than the inner photo below. Even the wide angle lens aren’t in 35 mm equivalent. A Canon 10-22 mm wide angle lens is a 16-35mm equivalent. Confusing?? Yes it is!)

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile