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Where’s the Address?

From time to time someone emails me to ask why some homes in the MLS search have a street address while others don’t. I display the street address of any listing unless the Listing Agent has chosen to SUPPRESS the street address from displaying on any Internet site. I have no clue why Listing Agents do this but I think some believe that if they don’t display the address then a Buyer will call them and then they have a chance of double-ending the deal (representing both the Seller and Buyer). I think that not displaying the address is bad marketing and a disservice to the Seller.

You may have seen other sites with MLS searches that don’t display ANY street addresses. In this case, the agent who owns the Internet site has chosen this option themselves in order to get people to contact them so they can get a “sales lead”. Other agents will force people to fill out a form BEFORE they can use their MLS search (and some don’t even have a MLS search, they just want your contact info).

If you’ve used my site for awhile, you know that I provide LOTS of information to help you with your home search, most of it doesn’t require you providing your contact info. For the things that you do need to fill out a form for (like the Market Snapshot reports), I don’t do anything with your contact info like put you on some “canned” email newsletter or have a “pushy” sales person call you twice a week. I realize that you are using my site to gather information which is the service I intended and hope that when you do need the assistance of a professional and knowledgeable Realtor you will give the Keith Byrd Team a call. I have assembled a team of hand-picked Realtors from offices throughout the Central Coast that are a great complement to my web site service. These are Realtors that know their local areas and ones I would use if I was Buying or Selling a home in the area.

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