Where is California Valley?

More people are talking about California Valley these days. California Valley is about 50 miles East of San Luis Obispo, but still part of the county. With a population of only about 500 people, it is a small town. When you go to visit, you will find large pieces of land being used for farming, ranching, and recently there has been talk of using land in California Valley as a place to harness solar energy.

Looking for property in California Valley can be tricky! It you search for California Valley, CA, you won’t find any results. Instead, use the search phrase “Santa Margarita, CA.” On SloCountyHomes.com, you can search by map. Under Neighborhood Search, scroll over Santa Margarita, and there will be a choice to view California Valley properties. Then, at the top left of the map, you can choose to search for Single Family Residences or Lots and Land.