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When will schools get a bail out?

I was bummed to read the news article about 350 Dallas school teachers and counselors getting laid off because of an error in the calculation of the budget (read article here). I know that school districts should be held accountable but taking the jobs away from 350 people who want to help kids seems extreme, especially after the school year has started which makes it even more difficult to find another teaching job.

My wife’s a teacher and she has felt the budget tightening here too as the district where she works had to cut employees this year too. She starts work at 8 AM, gets home at 5 PM and spends at least 2 hours a night on work (and weekends too).

As 2 of my kids are entering college next year, we are also in mode of filling out college applications. It’s amazing how many applications some of our California Colleges reject each year because they don’t have the capacity.

Cal Poly was set to take in more freshman this year. They built Poly Canyon Village to house the increased enrollment. But because of state funding cuts, they weren’t able to increase enrollment. Not only did students miss out from attending Cal Poly but our local economy is missing out too by not having these additional students spending in the area plus the visits by parents too. We don’t have that many revenue producing industries in our area to be missing out on opportunities like this, IMO.

I don’t intend this to be a political blog post. I frankly don’t care about pointing blame on anyone. I just hope that as a country, we put more emphasis on education and SOON.

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