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When I was at the recent Realtor conference in Las Vegas I met a company offering floor plan tools. They are an Asian company that has been doing business primarily in Europe and were launching into the U.S. marketplace at the conference.

They have asked me to help them improve their product for the U.S. market. I’ve already provided them with a list of things they need to do and they are working on it as we speak. One of their products is a 2D Floor planning tool. It’s cool since you can drag furniture on a floor plan and see how it all fits.

Following is a link to the tool using a previous Paso Robles listing that I sent them the floor plan for so I could test their tool. The tool isn’t ready for prime time yet so I’m not going to be including it in my marketing plan for listings as of yet but thought some of you might be interested in playing around with it to know what’s coming!

You can play with the tool here:

One of the things they are lacking is a help screen but I’ll tell you that the tools in the bottom right are a pointer, an eraser (allows you to erase elements of the floor plan in case you want to play around with a major remodel), an undo for the eraser, and a tape measure.

To delete a piece of furniture that you drag onto the floor plan, just click on it and hit your delete key.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile