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What a Way to Celebrate a Birthday

One member of the Keith Byrd Team decided to celebrate her birthday with something she’d never forget…by going skydiving!

Nancy T. went to the Lompoc Airport and had her event with a company called Skydive Santa Barbara. Here is how she described it:

“The feeling is like no other, and is difficult to put into words. But the experience and adrenaline rush of a lifetime, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is amazing. Free falling at 120 mph from 13,000 feet and not feeling as though you are falling is incredible (it is more of a floating feeling). The first second or two when you come out of the plane you are a little disoriented and then you level out, look down and see the ocean, land and realize you have never experienced anything like this before. I never had any fear, just total excitement and joy of the experience. It’s really cool when the parachute opens also, because then it becomes very quiet and you can really look around and easily converse with your tandem coach. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Free falling and looking at the land at 13,000 feet, puts a new perspective on previewing property!”

Way to go Nancy!!!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile