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What Irritates Me About the Real Estate Business

I found this posting on a Realtor message board from an East Coast agent with 30 years in the business.

“So, if a seller really wants to sell in today’s market, he/she first has to:

1) Price it to sell!
2) Pay an above “average” commission
3) Pay some buyer expenses”

#2 on her list really irks me. This is the “I won’t tell a Buyer about a home unless it has enough commission for ME” attitude. What’s sad is that this agent probably has had personal referrals from friends and has provided them with bad service because she makes the determination what homes to tell the Buyer about or what homes to “push” based on commission she’ll make.

This is why I provide my website with as much information as possible. I know there are a lot of Buyers that use that are already working with another Realtor because their Realtor doesn’t provide a good website as part of their service. Why do some Realtors have to control the information their clients receive or not spend the time and effort to provide a good website? Well, I know the answer…because their priority is to make as much money as possible off their “friend” rather than providing them with the best service. The really sad part is that most Buyers won’t even know what homes their Realtor didn’t show them or the advice they’ve been given was due to how much commission the Realtor was going to make on a particular house.

All a Realtor has to do is have a talk with their Buyer upfront about commission. They can say that they will show them all homes that fit their criteria regardless how much commission the Seller is offering them. BUT, their service is a minimum commission charge is x%. If what a Seller is offering is below this, the Buyer must agree to pay the difference. Pretty simple…

If I was a Buyer I would want to see ALL homes that fit my criteria, wouldn’t you?? Also, why not ask your Realtor to tell you how much commission is being offered on a particular home you’re interested in? If they don’t want to tell you, I’d go find another Realtor.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile