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What About an Education Bailout?

We spend money developing Poly Canyon Village so Cal Poly could up their enrollment but last years budget cuts reduced the enrollment. Now there’s talk about the UC and State College system having further cut backs that will, for the first time, turn away students that want (and are eligible) to attend one of colleges in the State system.

As I blogged before, Cal Poly is vital to our local economy. Since we don’t have many other industries, we need those students (and parents) to help keep our local businesses open. It’s like our local auto industry.

Phase I of Poly Canyon Village added 1,129 beds this year. Phase II will be completed in Summer of 2009 which will add another 1,541 beds. If enrollment is reduced yet again for next year, Cal Poly will be competing with off-campus housing to fill those beds with upper classmen.

When will education become a priority? Not only will more cuts impact the education of our future generation, it’s going to hurt our local economy more than other areas.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile