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Well Keith beat me to the news about the early holiday present from the Government to around 16,000 households. See blog below.

Today was a good day….the Dow was up 494.13 and mortgage rates continued to lower slightly. I just read an article in, which had a bunch of poor outlooks on the economy, but what’s new. They did have some good things to say like we could never fall into another great depression because we have too many safeguards in place. Wonder if these safe guards will pay my bills? Sorry, I almost went on a tangent. Anyways, they said the key to recovery is the housing market. Not only do I agree, I was excited. You know why? It made me remember there is going to be greener pastures on the other side, and a lot of good deals are out there right now and there is money to make (or save) in the not so distant future once this all turns, and it will turn. And if you’re smart, and I assume you are since you are reading Keith’s blog, you’re probably already 2 steps ahead of the game and making some good investments right now and I’m just preaching to the choir.

The new touch screen Blackberry Storm from Verizon goes on sale today. I am very intrigued with this phone since I have Verizon and not AT&T so I couldn’t get an I-Phone.

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