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Well, I finally made a trip to the new Chili’s in Arroyo Grande on Wednesday evening. My wife and I went early enough (4:30’ish) to beat the crowds. Food was good, service wasn’t. Then it got worse. The parking lot was packed and people driving around looking for a space. I was backing out and saw another car backing down the lane towards me! I didn’t have time to put in in drive or honk the horn before the “crunch”. The other car put a nice big dent in my bumper. I don’t know if they saw a car coming out of a space and put their car in reverse without looking to get that space before any other car. My futher shock was when I talked to the insurance company and found out the other driver said that they were stopped and I ran into her! UNBELIEVEABLE. She even said she ran into me after the accident but I guess she talked to her husband or just decided to lie on her own. The car (minivan) is insured by a Santa Maria company so maybe that has something to do with her not taking responsibility for hitting me. The damage to my car is $1000 (my deductable) and she had minimal damage to the edge of her rear bumper. I have pictures from the accident showing the scratch marks on her car showing she was the one moving plus some other evidence. Has anyone been through this that can provide me any guidance? Sounds like my insurance company isn’t going to do much since it’s under the deducatable.

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