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Vegas Trip Review

My daughter had a break from school and wanted to go somewhere and she chose Las Vegas so we we flew there on Sunday and got back today.

We went on Allegiant Air from Santa Maria. Both flights were ontime (actually early). We didn’t check baggage which not only saved us $30 each ($15 per bag each way) we didn’t have to pay for parking like you do at the SLO airport. Allegiant advertises $29 one-way fares but when you add seat selection fees and taxes, it’s about $100 for the round trip.

Stayed at Excalibur which was $71 night for a wide-screen TV room. Had a nice buffet dinner at Planet Hollywood the first night.

We also went to see the Beatles Love show at the Mirage. Excellent!! We got our tickets for half off. There are 6 locations around Vegas that have these half off tickets. I went there when they opened at 10 AM and waited in about a 25 minute line. This was the first time I tried this way and it worked just fine. I wouldn’t have paid $145/ticket but $72 was worth it. They had discounts on most the shows going on plus some restaurants too.

Also went to the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor. My daughter is pursuing a career in the medical field so it was interesting to her. For me, it wasn’t. They want $35 to see the exhibit (we got it for $25 through the discount ticket place) but was worth about $7 to me.

As for gambling, I was amazed how high the minimum at the black jack tables are. When we got there it was Superbowl Sunday so I knew the tables were priced for the crowd but after everyone left, most tables were a $15 minimum. I found some $10 minimums but that’s too expensive for my liking. I went to Downtown Vegas (the old casinos) thinking these would be much better and found a $5 table at Fitzgerald’s but all other casinos were $10/$15.

I’ve always wanted to try Texas Hold em’ as I watch them on TV but didn’t feel comfortable enough to get into one of the casino games. The Excalibur had a poker area with touch screen displays. It was still like a poker table but you didn’t have to worry about when it was your turn for big and small blinds. All the betting/checking/calling/folding/raising was done electronically. I did this last night for almost 2 hours and had a lot of fun. I wish I had done this earlier in the trip. Someone at the table said the Excalibur had an exclusive on it and it was a trial. Here’s a photo of it.

And…we did lots of shopping and walking!! It was sunny and around 68 degrees each day so pretty perfect weather for Vegas.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile