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The proposed Amendments to the Vacation Rental Ordinance have now been released for Public Review. 

Currently Cambria and Cayucos operate under this vacation rental ordinance.  Avila Beach and Los Osos are the two new areas that will now be included.

 For new vacation rental permits- A Zoning Clearance, with a 3 year expiration date will be required.  Prior to the expiration of the Zoning Clearance permit, a Minor Use permit will be required in order to retain vacation rental status.   Currently permitted vacation rentals are not subject to the 3 year expiration and will not be required to obtain a Minor Use permit to continue their status.

 Location requirements for new vacation rentals will expand to include the 200 ft radius to the houses ACROSS the fronting street as well as on the same block.  Currently the 200 ft radius only includes houses ON THE SAME BLOCK.  Existing vacation rental permits will continue to operate under the original radius definition. In Avila- the radius will be is 50 ft due is the concentration of condos/townhomes. 

Other changes include requirements regarding a local contact person and noise violations.  Most vacation rentals are handled well, however ones that cause neighborhood disturbances will be issued violations and their permits may be revoked.

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