The Morro Bay- Cayucos Wastewater Treatment Plant is jointly owned by the City of Morro Bay and the Cayucos Sanitary District, (MBCSD). The plant operates under the Joint Powers Agreement between the two agencies, (JPA).

 The treatment plant is in the process of being upgraded for a few reasons:

  1.  The plant presently operates with a waiver of full compliance of the secondary treatment – it is estimated to be about 97% in compliance with the secondary treatment process.
  2. The plant was initially built in 1954 and is in need of an upgrade in order to extend its useful life.
  3. New technologies allow for tertiary filtration which would produce effluents that would meet standards for disinfected secondary recycled water and be as such could be used in limited beneficial ways.

 Operating under an 8-year plan, the upgrade project initially began in 2003/04, and is to be completed and in full compliance with Federal and State Permits by March of 2014.  The current estimated cost of the project is $30 million.  Financing is to be arranged through a low interest State Revolving Loan under the State Water Resource Control Board.  The upgrade will affect residents’ monthly sewer bills.

 The EIR for these plans was released Sept 20, 2010 for public review and comment.

 NOW- Enter PERC Water-  Due to resident encouragement- A second vendor is now being considered for the project.   The technology that this vendor offers would allow for a greater level of tertiary filtration and the company offers a Design, Build, Operate and Finance package, which purports to shift the construction risks from the MBCSD to PERC.

 The PERC Construction Design Report was presented to the JPA on September 23, 2010.

 Stay tuned….