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The ultimate GEEK show, CES, is happening in Las Vegas (I should be there!). This is where companies announce new products and technologies. Digital camera technologies continue to improve. This one was announced by Casio and will be available in the Spring.

“LAS VEGAS – Every photographer experiences it: missing the perfect moment.

You either take a picture a moment too soon, or a moment too late. Your kid won’t stay still, the camera’s not ready, it takes too long for the shutter to fire.

Whatever. You missed it.

Well, Casio is holding out the promise that – if you get one of its new cameras – this frustration will never happen again. The company showed off a number of technologies that try to ensure the camera and the photographer are ready when the ‘moment’ comes along.

Perhaps the company’s most ambitious effort to that end is its new Exilim Pro EX-F1 camera. The camera, Casio’s first digital single lens reflex, offers some super-fast shooting modes.

Many cameras will shoot pictures in ‘bursts’ of about 3 to 5 a second. In contrast, the EX-F1 will shoot bursts of 60 frames a second. Users can then review the individual frames to pick the precise ‘moment’ that they want.”

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