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With the new Tron movie coming out, I started thinking about the original Tron game and the video arcades of the past. When I was going to Cal Poly in the late 70’s/early 80’s, there were a few video arcades around the area. There was Martini’s (I think that was the name) on the corner of Foothill and Santa Rosa. It was a pretty good arcade and close to Poly. Machines took quarters, not tokens which was rare those days. Cheap Thrills opened their arcade around 1981 when they were located behind Korb’s, up those creaky wooden stairs! Wasn’t that big of an arcade but they had Kangaroo which is what my wife (then girlfriend) liked to play.  I think I still have some Cheap Thrill Tokens.  Is there a video arcade token collectors market?

Today, the only video arcade I can think of is at Cal Poly.

If you used to play the original Tron game, they have it online. If you want to play the original game, I know there’s one at the arcade at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. They also have the Discs of Tron one too.

Play the  Tron game online here

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