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The Top 5 Things that Buyers Don’t Like

1) Overpriced
If the Listing Agent is doing their job, any Buyer’s Agent that shows a home should already be convinced that your home is priced to the market. The reality is that most Listing Agent’s don’t know how to market to a Buyer’s Agent so you run the risk that the agent that is showing your home thinks it’s overpriced. If the agent thinks its overpriced, then the Buyer will too.

2) Smells
Some Buyers will write off a home when they get the first whiff. They won’t think about what new carpets or other things they could do to get rid of the smell that bothers them.

3) Dirty
Some Sellers just don’t keep a home clean when they have it on the market. This is tough if there are renters in the home but for owner-occupieds, it’s a mistake to have a Buyer look at a home when it isn’t clean.

4) Clutter
When most Buyers see clutter, they think the home is too small or lacking something.

5) Seller at Home
Buyers just don’t like it when a Seller is home and won’t focus on the home itself.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile