Voted Best Real Estate Company in SLO County in the 2017 New Times Reader Poll
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Here’s a post from a Realtor message board about the Money Magazine article. Thought I’d give you another Realtors opinion.

“I guess the day I start doing business in this manner, I will also start charging a flat fee per house we look at, and maybe even a charge per listing I send to the buyer. Of course each time I have to redo the contract, change an addendum or heaven forbid talk to the client I will have to charge for that as well. Unfortunately as we all know so well the public perception of realtors is not great, and of course we are all drowning in all that money we are making. A couple of things I have found to be helpful- I explain that the commission that is paid on the sale of a house, actually pays 4 people (in my area at least- not that many teams). I also point out that as independent contractors we lack many of the “normal benefits” ie 401ks, health insurance as well as paying on average 45 cents out of every dollar for taxes. Perhaps this author would like to elaborate as to how much he is paid per word, and we can decide if his knowledge and experience is worth that. MAybe a poll taken after each article is published can establish his “value”. “

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