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There is an effort to create a statewide MLS in California. So far, 61 out of the 70 local MLS Associations in the state have expressed interest in wanting to join. It won’t happen overnight as there are many things that need to be worked out.

What it means is that any agent in the state will have access to the property details (including confidential remarks) and can sell the home. Today, if an out-of-town Broker wants to sell on the Central Coast, they would need to join the local MLS. One benefit of a statewide MLS is that Brokers won’t have to join multiple MLSs so they save money. But what about the effect on the home seller?

There are still things that need to be worked out such as how agents will show properties. Will there be a common lockbox where every agent in the state can access to get the key? Will out-of-area agents just send their clients to the Central Coast with the confidential seller info to call to see their home since the agent won’t be accompanying them?

I’ve seen some agents abuse lockboxes. Some feel they are entitled to have access to a home. I hope that we don’t see out-of-town agents decide to inconvenience homeowners saying they want to “preview” a home when they really have no clients that are interested. Going into peoples homes because you area an agent and are curious should not be something to do when they are on vacation and looking for something to do.

There is also checks and balances by having everything local. If an agent from a local Brokerage leaves a door open or creates another type of problem, the Listing Agent can deal with the local Broker and agent. Other Broker’s don’t want to do things that will make other agents not show one of their listings. But what’s going to keep an agent from Eureka from not abusing the new “system”?

Right now, when an out-of-area agent has a client they do a “referral” with a local Broker/agent. That gives the Buyer someone that knows the area and the local info for the city that they are looking to buy in. I really don’t see what value there is to have someone that doesn’t know the area or local city ordinances represent a Buyer.

I hope I’m missing something and there really are some benefits to the home seller to have a statewide MLS.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile