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There are usually 2 stages of price negotiations in a home sale; 1) the initial offer, and 2) repair requests after a home inspection is done (if one is done).

If you are selling your house and you want to have the least amount of surprises, then have a home inspection done either before or right when you list your home. This is in addition to the pest inspection. If you have these 2 reports done, you’ll know what condition your house is in BEFORE you get an offer and go through the first price negotiation. You don’t want to haggle on a price, then find out after you’re in escrow for a week or two that you have $10,000 in damage repairs.

If you have the reports done upfront and find that your house is in good shape, then this can be used as a strong point when you market your home. Buyers and Buyer’s Agents like homes that are in good condition and ready to sell!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile