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There are no secrets Realtors have to sell a home. Nor do they have a database of Buyers that, upon getting your listing, they will contact and have an offer (or two) for you.

To sell a home there are THREE things you need to do well to have the best chance of selling your home;

1) Price it right
2) Present it well
3) Get plenty of exposure

I could spend a couple pages on all three but let’s just stick with price. Below is from an article written for Realtors about walking away from homes not priced to sell. I thought this gave a different perspective so here it is…

“If you’ve been in real estate for even a few months you know it’s easy to find sellers who think their place is the best house on the planet and that it ought to sell for many thousands more than his neighbor’s trash heap. My advice is, if the seller doesn’t want to face reality, move on to one that does. Otherwise you’ll be spinning your wheels.

Because ultimately, if your seller won’t listen to reason, that’s time lost from a seller who will. So to save time in the long run, talk to the seller as quickly as you can to find out what hurdles you may have to jump over.

And here you need what’s called the walk away price—the price you have to walk away from and move on to another seller because you know there’s no way the house will fetch that price. You have to be able to walk away from the seller, because to me price is indicative of everything in real estate. It all comes down to price.”

The above is relevant only IF the Realtor is good an determining the value of a home in today’s market without leaving money on the table or pricing it too high that it just sits. From what I’m seeing…most aren’t doing a good job at this.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile