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The Home Inspection…worth every penny!

Buyers should learn a tremendous amount from watching and listening while the inspector does their home inspection.  A complete report is typically generated, with pictures and description but I encourage my clients to participate whenever possible.   It is an inspector’s job to find everything…..and boy do they……..even in a home that is new.  That is their job.  But they should also be able to balance the findings with discussion so that a buyer does not feel the need to run for the hills!  He/she will look test all systems and look for problems that may be an issue down the line.  If there is a concern on a specific system, an inspector will encourage the buyer to call in a specialist.  The home inspector I use most often is knowledgable and experienced enough to allow clients to follow along and ask questions throughout the inspection.  Not all inspectors are able to focus on the inspection and answer a buyers questions.  The expert I rely on is such an inspector and he is exceptionally good at educating my clients about their purchase.  My inspector of choice knows when to draw my attention to something critical so that I can protect my client, make sure the issue is addressed or make sure my buyers properly view an important piece of information.  He can also balance the approximate cost with the magnatude of the issue……giving buyers a good sense of any issues without the scariness the lies on the surface.  He is a solid resource for tradesman, contractors, engineers, etc…….for instance it greatly simplifies things to know which engineer to contact!  So my advise to buyers is to attend, take notes and hang on the inspectors every word.  This is the best insurance I know of to a happy home purchase……..educate yourself on your home!

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