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The Craigslist Scammers Won’t Quit

There seems to be an increase in Craiglist rental scams advertising really good rental deals on properties that are already listed in the MLS.  If you haven’t read my previous blogs, the typical scam uses a vacant home and when you contact them, they’ll give you some story about being out of town and having you go by and look inside the windows from the outside. Then if you’re interested, they’ll have you send $$$ as a deposit to hold it because “at that price, someone is going to rent it quick”.  After that, you can just say “bye bye” to the money you sent.

If you’re looking at home to rent, Google the address of the home. If it’s on the MLS, you’re going to see my site and others come up with the MLS listing.  I know of no one that puts their home for sale and rent at the same time. Realtors aren’t going to waste any time with the Listing if the owner is actively trying to rent it.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile