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There is currently a building moratorium in Los Osos that has been in place since the 80’s.  

In order for this moratorium to be lifted- 3 essential issues have to be addressed: 

  1. The sewer has to be built. 
  2. The water plan will need to be updated and water sources for the existing needs as well as additional build-out will need to be identified.
  3. Environmental concerns and corresponding mitigation plans will need to be determined.

 A key question now concerns the inclusion of the vacant land owners in the costs of the sewer treatment plant.   Based on Prop 218: In order for a lien to be placed on a property- there must be an identifiable specific benefit to the property owner. IF the vacant land owners will not be able to build on their land once the sewer is built and operational- these property owners can not be required to share in the costs of the sewer.

 Currently the sewer wastewater treatment plant is scheduled to begin construction in ~Oct of 2011.  With an estimated 3 year build-out plan, the sewer should be operational by late 2014. 

If these issues can be adequately addressed and the moratorium lifted- the vacant land owners will share in the costs of the sewer plant.  This will effectively decrease the currently determined monthly rate of $194/month, down to o a high of $163/month.

 Bruce Gibson, County Supervisor, is confident that within the next 4 years- these issues will be successfully addressed and the vacant land owners will share in the costs of the sewer. If this occurs- the building moratorium in Los Osos would be lifted.

 See my blog dated Saturday- Oct 9th, for an update on the sewer treatment plant.

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