Thai food is one of my favorites!

I tried the remodeled Thai Palace restaurant in downtown SLO the other day (it’s the one next to the Court St plaza where Woodstocks used to be years ago). I was never impressed by the food here but read that they changed the menu. It’s owned by the same people that have Thai Basil in Paso Robles which I really like.

Well, I must say the food was fantastic. I went for lunch which is the best time to go to Thai restaurants because of the lunch specials. The soup was good and the entree was great.

So, here are my favorite Thai restaurants at this time:

South County: Thai Kitchen (in the village of Arroyo Grande)
SLO: Thai Palace
North County: Thai Basil, Paso Robles
North Coast: (no favorite. I’ve tried the two in Los Osos/Baywood Park and haven’t been impressed)