Cal Poly and Our Community

Cal Poly culture permeates throughout the county but is a defining element in SLO. While at the SLO Chamber of Commerce yesterday, I over heard an interesting conversation. (Ok, I was eavesdropping in line.) A tourist asked, “what’s the seasonality in SLO? How is it defined?” The Chamber representative answered “When the students are here and when they are not.” She went on to explain that in their absence, it’s quiet and wonderful; July to early September is her favorite ‘season’.

I have to agree with her statement. The rest of the year we see a 50% increase in population which elevates the noise level and activity is heightened. But I love that. The vibrant energy the students bring gives downtown SLO an ever-active appeal. Us locals can forget that they are a driving force of our economy and that they perpetuate a large portion of our real estate transactions.

Maybe I just have an added appreciation for Campus and Student Life because it was only a decade ago that I graduated into the ‘professional’ population. Regardless, it is significant in our community and a dynamic resource that I encourage you all to tap into. For starters, Poly is hosting the Ted X SLO tomorrow! This all day seminar boasts an impressive line-up of speakers who are all accomplished leaders of their industry. Tomorrow’s topic revolves around Community.

Cal Poly Campus

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